Hello, I’m Stephanie, sharing the pleasures of cooking, eating and dining with you. The recipes on this blog are created with fresh ingredients & local whole organic foods for plant-based vegan and vegetarian dishes. I’m passionate about the pleasures of food. In my own style of eating and cooking, pleasure is an essential ingredient.

While being healthy and eating well is definitely on the menu, enjoying food and feeling good is what being a sensual foodie is all about.

I’m on Instagram daily (that’s why I’m @stephaniedujour) and would love it if you’d join me there too. Sometimes I post recipes and sometimes I just post pretty food photos. I mainly shoot with my Nikon D700 camera, but sometimes my iPhone captures the perfect shot too. 

Also I began a vegan t-shirt line of my own handcrafted designs! It’s fun to wear and share my love for living a vegan plant-based lifestyle. 

Bon Appetit!

If you’re a brand interested in collaboration, feel free to send an email to stephanie@thesensualfoodie.com for rates and media kit. I’ve worked with Birch Benders, CrockPot, Waiakea, Fix & Fogg, Veggie Grill, Lahtt Sauce, BanzaPalais des Thes, Maille Mustard, Adagio Teas, Kissa Tea, Maison du Bon, Vana Life Foods, and many more.

The Sensual Foodie inspires culinary creativity with plant-based recipes. Creator and founder Stephanie Kordan created The Sensual Foodie as a feast for the senses. She shares her own recipes, inspiring you to eat more plant-based foods, regardless of being wholly vegan, paleo, pescatarian or omnivore. 

Stephanie Kordan is an artist, writer, blogger, mother, and creative spirit. She creates every recipe post and tempting photo for The Sensual Foodie since 2011. She also writes articles for various publications, such as LAWeekly, Huffington Post, Thrillist, Vice Munchies. A lifelong vegetarian, Stephanie creates plant-based recipes at home. Her food philosophy is rooted in vegetarian cooking in a casual California style. She is a Los Angeles native with a passion for discovering all things vegetarian in the city.

Stephanie appeared on MasterChef on Fox as a food critic (Season 7 “Critics Choice” episode 17) and is a guest food critic on the new Gordon Ramsay tv series 24 Hours: To Hell and Back (episode 5, La Serenata).


  • Absolutely love this! So dynamic! Totally resonates with me ~ So happy to have found your site! Keep bringing it to us Goddess ~

  • Danielle says:

    Stephanie! Love this site and lovely to meet you! Wait, sorry, I just got distracted by how amazing all of this looks and sounds. Ok, I’m back. Nice to meet you!

  • Dave says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I love your blog. My wife Daniele and I had the pleasure of enjoying LQ last night at the table next to you and yours. We are long time Silver Lake residents and would love for you to add us to your blog email list, if you have one. I’m a big fan of tacos Mexicali, but hadn’t heard of Rickys Fish Tacos. Can’t wait to try that one.

    Daniele and are also passionate food lovers and cook a lot at home. We will surely enjoy your blog.

    Have a lovely day and keep posting that gorgeous food porn!


    • foodie says:

      Hi Dave! It was an absolute pleasure to dine next to you and your lovely lady. I am so pleased that you enjoy my blog. Starry Kitchen/LQ was exquisite last night and it was so nice to have such delightful table neighbors to share it with!

      By the way, I am working on an aphrodisiac cookbook (The Sensual Foodie) and will be adding many things to this blog.

      Bon Appetit!

    • DashingDarling says:

      Oh Danielle and Dave… Ricky’s Fish Tacos (right by the Vons on Virgil) is just fantastic fish, shrimp, and lobster tacos. One of the best in LA.

  • Ojai John says:

    Lovely site, well designed and intriguing. So much to enjoy, so sensual and illuminating!

  • Hello Stephanie,
    I really enjoy your writing and especially your linkage of food and sensuality. Quite nice.
    I have a dinner group in L.A called “CR8”. You seem like the type of foodie I love having
    at my dinners. I hope you can make it sometime..


  • victoria says:

    just nominated you for the versatile blogger awards- please see post and rules on my blog

    thanks and peace, victoria

  • John Schwab says:

    After returning from Seoul, Korea in 1993, my bride and I lived in New Orleans until the fall of 2001. That is where we met our beautiful mutual friend, Mary (lebel) DeRoches. Love your web site. It is beautifully sensuous without being sordid. Your take on the NOLA food is priceless. Makes me want to hop in the chariot and head to Royal Street and park myself at any one of the fantastic restaurants for several hours, returning home well-satiated with ten extra pounds that did not accompany me from home. Better yet, grab a red wine-equipped suite at the Moneteleone for a few hours of recovery, only to begin again with a late night of blues at the Olde Absinthe on Bourbon.

    Any way, thanks for resurrecting old memories. I look forward to following you on your site. Best of luck. If this post is not a roaring hit, I will be surprised. Blessings and rich rewards be yours always,


  • Maeri Ferguson says:

    Hi Stephanie, I work for a production company in NYC, and we are working on a show for the Cooking Channel. I would love to chat with you about a particular themed episode we are working on, as I think you may have some useful information for us. I can’t find a Contact on your site, so feel free to email me back if you’re interested.

  • I think I’ve found my new fav blog! Keep it coming. It makes me think of Aphrodite, A Memoir of the Senses by Isabel Allende…

    • foodie says:

      Lisa, I love Isabel Allende’s Aphrodite, A Memoir of the Senses. That book is ever present on my nightstand unless I carry it around in my purse for a read whenever I have a moment. I have read that book over and over again. I skip pages and take in Allende’s sensual musings on love, romance, and the magic of aphrodisiacs.

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